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December 3, 2017

10 Things to do to prepare yourself for ISB R2 Application

Round 2 deadline for the flagship PGP Program at Indian School Of Business is January 15th 2018 and it’s high time all the applicants geared up to put their best foot forward. The entire application process can be taxing and since there are only 1.5 months left, it’s better that you start early to avoid yourself from getting worked up at the last moment.

The Bootcamp team members, who have been through this journey quite recently, have come up with a list of 10 things that you must do to prepare yourself for the ISB Round 2 Application :-

  1. Take GMAT/GRE by 31st December 2017 (if you haven’t already)

Yes, you will be needing atleast 15 days to curate your essays and make sure that they are optimized properly to get you an interview invite. To give your best in these 15 days, make sure you have already taken the GMAT/GRE by 31st December 2017

  1. Talk to alums

ISB’s alumni network is huge and it will only help if you are able to leverage it. Find out the alums who have similar academic/professional background as yours and discuss your future career aspirations with them. This will help you to have a realistic view of situation as well as help you to accordingly pen down your essays.

  1. Practice for Interviews

In case you get an interview invite, you will only have 2-4 days to prepare. Don’t wait for the interview invite. Start giving atleast 1 hour/day for interview preparation. Take professional help from The Bootcamp if needed.

  1. Keep abreast of latest news

Unlike IIMs, ISB interviews are almost never a test of general knowledge/current affairs. But it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself aware of latest happenings. You might encounter a few questions on some pertinent topics such as GST & Demonetization.

  1. Prepare rough draft for essays

Keep jotting down important points for your essays when you are bored of your GMAT Preparation. Keeping the important points ready while writing the final draft of essays will be of immense help as you won’t miss any important point in your final draft

  1. Deep Dive into your application

You must know in and out of everything that you have mentioned/going to mention in your application- Job Description & Achievements, Awards & Achievements, Extra-curriculars, Hobbies etc. If you have gap between education/work, make sure you are ready with a justifiable explanation. Prepare cross questions & answers for each sentence that you have put down in your essays.

  1. Take Professional help (if needed)

If you aren’t sure of giving your best shot at application, taking professional help from people who have been through the process isn’t a bad idea. This will help you prepare better, will get you brilliant insights and recommendations for your essays and give you enough number of mock interviews. The Bootcamp has a history of getting more than 100 people admitted to the Indian School of Business in just 1 year. You can have a look at their services.

  1. Prepare the pitch for “Tell me something about yourself”

This is a very common question in interviews and in many cases, might be the ‘make or break’ deal. You need to make sure your answer is succinct, interesting, includes all your USP (Unique Selling Points) and sets the entire interview in your direction

  1. Don’t fall prey to rumors

‘Hyderabad Campus is better than Mohali’, ‘R2 admitted folks don’t get scholarships’, ‘No of seats in R2 is much lower than that of R1’ are some of the rumors that keep floating around every year- Do not fall prey to them. Concentrate all your focus on these 1.5 months on your application & interview preparation

  1. Prepare a Plan B

ISB is a dream for many but if you want an admit in this admission cycle only, make sure you have a Plan B ready. Once again professional counsellors at The Bootcamp will be able to match your professional experience and future aspirations to good MBA programs in India and abroad.

Wish you good luck! Get in touch with The Bootcamp team at queries@thebootcamp.biz for a free profile evaluation.