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Are you a leader?

Young Talent/Leaders MBA programs offered by top B-Schools, Should you go for it ?hhhhhjjjjjjjjj

MBA as education has far more broader perspectives than we can imagine in today’s world. Most people would debate still that it’s needed when you want to give a fresh jump start to your career, want to change industry or probably because you are too frustrated in your job and feel like you have hit the ceiling. Certainly industry experience and exposure is a precursor for an MBA program, be it regular or Executive as opposed to a Masters program in management with a focused subject. This was the norm and continues to be, though some of the top B-schools offer creative programs for young dynamic individuals who somehow got clarity in their careers well in advance then their peers.

The target candidates for these programs are the students who clearly excel in their academics and have a well shaped personality from an early age. They have international exposure by internships, competitions, tours or projects with the companies. Moreover, the schools need to see the potential to become leaders of future and also have a passion to create and achieve their dreams. Another big quality which is sought after is decision making which usually grows with time and even with smart people it takes time to master but somehow some people are just born with it and are real quick in making decisions. At this stage its mostly ability to take decisions, right or wrong comes after. To summarize, as a first step, what you need to have to decide whether the program fits you

– A well round personality with significant achievements to showcase

– Flavor of International Exposure and experience

– Broader vision and action plan

– “Identified” ability to be a leader and bring the change

Some of the top programs include Harvard 2+2 program, IESE Young Talent program, Yale’s Silver Scholar program, ISB’s young leaders program etc. It is hard to get into those programs but it is also important to think carefully before you invest your time and money. Most students are not very clear with their ambitions usually while they are in their under graduation and it’s not a bad thing. It’s perfectly fine to be unclear as you still have to experience lot of things in your personal and professional life and you don’t know where your real passion lies. You might see it even after 10~15 years down in your career or even later, the important thing is to identify what you are at every time and be self-aware.

Don’t just go for a

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