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June 7, 2016




Approaching ISB Essay 1 (2018): What constitutes diversity?

Ace your IIM Interviews!

10 Things to do to prepare yourself for ISB R2 Application

Ace your IIM Interviews!

Elements of a Mind Blowing Essay

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How to succeed as a young MBA applicant

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The LOR Conundrum

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GMAT: 640 to 710!

How to succeed as a younger MBA applicant


Graduate Student Board at ISB

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Is MIS the right choice?

Current Affairs Cheat Sheet : Part 1

The purpose of this cheat sheet is to give you topics to google and get abreast on, it’s a continuing blog with additions to be made every week so keep checking this space and book mark our blog. A good way to get started would be to google the items below and click on the news tab (read more)

CAT Interview Prep Workout: Part 1

A lot of things have been said about how to prepare yourself for the the judgement day, when all your achievements, milestones, highlights, knowledge are judged within a span of 45 minutes and you must put your best foot forward. We have a team of extremely talented interview specialists, some of whom have even served on the interview panel for various IIMs and with their help we have made the perfect workout routine for CAT aspirants to crack the final hurdle that Interview is. (read more)


GMAT to CAT : Transition

If you are not sure about your recent CAT 2016 performance and are looking at other entry options to still pursue that coveted MBA from a reputed institute, the above question would have certainly crossed your mind. With an increasingly large number of schools in India now accepting GMAT scores for applications, a strong GMAT score could boost your career prospects and open doors to not only domestic but international B-schools as well. Through this post, let’s understand how your CAT preparation could jumpstart your GMAT journey.  (read more)




ISB YLP Admit : An Interview







Results of YLP (Young Leaders Program) 2016 are out and we, at The Bootcamp, are proud to announce that a few students that were associated with us have got through. 6 months ago we started off with a dream of taking aspirants closer to their dream of getting a coveted seat at a reputed B-school and today we feel satisfied that we have played a significant role in their success.

We got a chance to talk to Sunny Garg, from Ramjas College, New Delhi who got through ISB (Indian School of Business) through YLP this year. Here are the excerpts from our talk   (read more)


Club@ISB : Women in Business 

In part three of the Insight into ISB clubs, The Bootcamp presents an interview with the Vice-President of Women in Business Club. Aneesha , an engineer from Mumbai, worked in consulting for a year and then launched an ecommerce website, which rose to success soon. Today, she’s here giving us some gyaan about life, and life at ISB.

  (read more)


When is the right time for Global MBA

One question which intrigues every MBA aspirant always is : “When is the right time for me to go for an MBA ? ”

Most aspirants fail to realize the right reasons and things to think about to help them decide when is the right time for them to go for an MBA. Some would argue more in favor of gaining more industry experience and some would say it is when you have a right plan in mind. (read more)


Are You a Leader?

MBA as education has far more broader perspectives than we can imagine in today’s world. Most people would debate still that it’s needed when you want to give a fresh jump start to your career, want to change industry or … read more


ISB YLP Interview Debrief 1

Location: Mohali

Before the interview, we were asked to write a 50-100 words essay on a random word. The word I got was ‘Pink’.

Interview panel: 2 members- P1 and P2

(read more)


ISB Consulting Club

In this second part to Insight into ISB Clubs, The Bootcamp brings to you the highlights of an interview with Consulting Club Vice – President Grishma Chowdhary.

Grishma had some really interesting things to share, so all you future consultants, read on to find out what it takes to be a top notch Consultancy Candidate at ISB.

Also find out why there were no nominations for Consulting Club President this year  (read more)


ISB Marketing Club

It was one of those regular days at the ISB Hyderabad Campus, with classes and activities going on in full gusto. After a lot of running here and there, The BootCamp Team finally caught up with Arijit Bansal, the President of the Marketing Club, ISB Co 2017, who has previously had Marketing Research experience for nearly six years, for a quick tete-a-tete. Here are some excerpts from the interview (read more)


Up Close With Kanav!

Given the opportunities Asia in general and India in particular have to offer, I was very sure of settling in India and keeping this as my base.

Once, I was clear on this, ISB was an obvious choice for me.
However, I applied for two more schools – Stanford and Wharton. The idea was to go to USA for an MBA and spend upwards for 150, 000 USD only and only if it is from a college which has a world class MBA….. (read more)




MBA Gyan With Dhiraj: MBA or No MBA ?

Most people fall into the trap of using the MBA degree for many reasons which are by far different from what it is intended for.

It’s and education for all means and in no ways can make you an expert to venture into any industry and advance disruptively. Its a progression. Mostly it’s because of all the hype and boom … (read more)



Usashi Banerjee, Consultant, KPMG Advisory, ISB, Co2016

ISB Gyan with Usashi Banerjee

I have been working in L&T-Sargent & Lundy, a power plant consultancy involved in design of power plants for 2.5 years prior to joining ISB. My present job is that of consulting in infrastructure domain mainly where energy forms a very major part. The functional role is different in both the jobs though. The one year in ISB is one of the best years of my life. I got to interact with the most amazing people and developed friendships for life. It one of the best experiences one could have…. (read more)

LIFE @ ISB – Divya Khanduri

Some times a place makes you feel so much at ease, with all the support, care, love, comfort that you start calling it Home. That is what a year at ISB did to us. Our graduation farewells were bid on a note to come back home soon and revisit the time spent there…. (read more)



Indian School of Business - Ivy leagueISB – The Asian Ivy

India has always been a “land of opportunies”, a market that never ceases to grow. And the growth rate has been exponential.

And as such, education holds the key.

“Asian education has now reached a critical mass trajectory. It is in our interest to give students multiple options. Hence, we got together
(read more)


ISB Application Checklist

deadline checklist 1Your checklist for ISB Application:

  • Start early (start straightaway)
  • Register and give GMAT/GRE
  • Introspect, speculate, self-analyse, meditate
  • Prepare the initial draft for your essays
  • Get your essays evaluated by experts (and then get them evaluated again and repeat)

(Read more)


5 Reasons to choose “The Bootcamp” for your journey to the Indian School of Business

logo_2035235_web-174x174Amidst a plethora of admission consultancies for ISB, here has come another. It looks good, it looks promising but should I choose it? Will it be worth my bucks? And how is it different from others? And more importantly, how is it going to make a difference to my candidacy for ISB. We are sure you might be boggled by these questions. So we decided to simplify it for you. The 5 points mentioned below  will tell you why you should choose The Bootcamp and how we, as a team, are here to create a difference… (Read more)



Bridging the Gap: GMAT Quant

Troubles with GMAT Quants? Have you taken your first GMAT mock yet ? Have you scored a 40-45 on the quant section ? Don’t be disheartened, the ones who score a perfect Q 51 aren’t hiding any arsenal that you can’t get hold of. It’s more about ironing the flaws in your concepts, about getting in touch with the basics again, about the most optimal approach. In this post I’ll be highlighting the common fallacies that undermine GMAT takers with respect to their Quant preparation. I’ll be classifying it all in 7 categories… (Read more)


How to build your profile for B-School admission.

CV“How to build my profile” is the most common question that the MBA aspirants face as some of the topmost Indian B-Schools (such as Indian School of Business and SPJIMR) are relying heavily on the profile of the candidate while considering them for the admission. Even for other B-schools, having a strong profile is always advisable as it will help you to stand out during the Interview stage and will help you to present yourself …(Read more)





How to Prepare for AWA section in GMAT.

AWAThe AWA (Analytical Writing Ability) is an important section in GMAT where you will be provided with a situation/ argument and will be asked to critically analyze the same. My AWA score is 5.0 (out of 6) so I guess I can tell you how to prepare for this section. I read two-three templates online just a day before exam to get myself acquainted with AWA…(Read more)




How to reduce the cost of your GMAT Preparation.

GPHLet’s get this fact straight. For Indian candidates (specially when you are a fresher or in a low paying job), taking the GMAT is a costly affair. The exam itself costs you 250 USD (around 17,000 INR). Add to it the cost of coaching and mock tests and you end up spending quite a lot. This post will help you (Indian candidates mostly) to save money while buying various resources to study for the GMAT. I will start with the preparation…(Read more)




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about GMAT.

GMAT FAQBefore I start writing this post, I would want to make it clear that it is being written keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of Indian MBA Aspirants, who generally prepare for the Indian Management Entrance Exams (CAT, XAT etc) and hence have quite a few doubts about the GMAT… (Read more)




Most Common Myths about ISB (Indian School of Business)

Indian School of Business (Hyderabad and Mohali) has been ranked as the 29th Best B-School in the world by Financial Times 2016 Ranking. Even then, a majority of Indian MBA aspirants are not aware about the basic features of this school. Many consider it “Out of reach” and do not even care to apply. This post is intended to be a ‘myth buster’ and I hope it will be informative to the aspirants. It is true that 2 years of Work experience is mandatory for a seat at ISB (yes, it is not a school for the freshers). It is also true that the average work experience of a batch at ISB is 5 years. But around 20% of the batch (as told to me by an AdCom member) has… (Read more)