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November 4, 2016

ISB YLP Admit : An Interview

“ If I were Arjun, The Bootcamp would be Drona”, says Sunny Garg, ISB YLP 2016 Convert.



Results of YLP (Young Leaders Program) 2016 are out and we, at The Bootcamp, are proud to announce that a few students that were associated with us have got through. 6 months ago we started off with a dream of taking aspirants closer to their dream of getting a coveted seat at a reputed B-school and today we feel satisfied that we have played a significant role in their success.

We got a chance to talk to Sunny Garg, from Ramjas College, New Delhi who got through ISB (Indian School of Business) through YLP this year. Here are the excerpts from our talk :

First of all, Congratulations for getting that coveted seat at ISB. How is the feeling?

The feeling you get after making it to ISB can’t be described in words. I guess it is the best thing that has happened to me in my 19 years 4 months & 10 days of my life. Only a person who has that seat can understand the feel you get.

Tell us something about yourself

I’m pursuing B. Com.(Hons.) from Ramjas College(D.U.). Talking about myself I’m a kind of person who would loves to meet the Bansal brothers more than Tendulkar. You would either find me working or would find me talking about my work. I am an Entrepreneur.

I started my professional career with The Commerce Society of my college where I later become the General Secretary. I am also in process of founding the Entrepreneurship Society, which will be launched by the mid of November.

I did my first Internship from as a management Trainee and later Joined Amazon as an ATES.

I have also ventured out myself. Digiyang, a youth marketing consultancy was the first one succeeded by The Breakfast Crew wherein we were delivering morning groceries through Rickshawalas, unfortunately this venture failed. The third startup was HailDU, where in we are helping DU students with their A to Z problems. This venture was a great success and generated more than 7 Lakhs in revenue during the admission season.

Currently, I’m working on an Idea I got while executing HailDU, it is kind of an extension to what we did in HailDU. The name of the company is YourShell Internet Venture Pvt. Ltd. (, and it will be launched post my 5th Semester exams.

When and why did you decide to do MBA? And why ISB?

I mentioned above that my second startup failed miserably. It was there that I felt a need of an MBA in my career. I found I lacked the professionalism, the expertise and the experience that is needed to convert a survivor to a champion.

The reason for choosing ISB initially was I am a kind of person who cannot study much, ‘bde log kehte hai na, jo bachcha business mai involve hogya wo nahi pdh pata’ sahi kehte hai wo. I knew I cannot study for CAT, and I found ISB is an institution which gives value to extra curricular so I found it an easy way out. Also, it was giving me a 2 year gap for experimenting more with startups with a guaranteed seat.

But later when I was doing my research on ISB, the reason for “why ISB” changed completely. Now it was not the easy way out I felt, it was the only way out for me. I realised it is kind of the last piece left which will complete my puzzle of life. The program is so suitable for entrepreneurs like me and the kind of diversity and experience they offer is commendable.

What is your GMAT Score. When did you appear for GMAT and how did you prepare for it?

I got a 700 on my GMAT and I give the credits for this to my Mentor Soumya (The Bootcamp). I never, never expected I would get a 700 but it was she who taught me like you teach a second class student. She used to call me regularly and say ‘yeh xyz krle, matlab bas 10 hours a day and nahi kia toh baat na krna tu merse’.

I started with my preparations from 23rd May(the day my semester exams ended). Studied for a month than after exactly one month took a one month break for my startup HailDU on 23rd June. Resumed my preparations on 23rd July and gave my GMAT on 23rd August. So, I studied for exactly 2 months.

My first mock score was 550. Scaling from 550-640 was a child’s play. But it was 640 and above wherein The Bootcamp’s mentorship played its role.

I would say, do your Official Guide and Manhattan properly and you are good to go, don’t unnecessarily run behind the book sets. Just do these two with utter dedication.

How was the application process for YLP ISB? What major challenges did you face while filling up the application form?

I love the way ISB selects its candidates. It’s just amazing. No matter you get in through it or not, you learn a lot, like a lot. After the preparations, you can proudly say I know myself because filling YLP needs high level of Introspection. Before YLP I couldn’t have written these answers this easily, but now I know myself, I know what I need to tell to people and what not.

I had two problems filling YLP, one was I had so many things on my profile and ISB only gives you 300 words, So I didn’t know what to mention & what not to. The Second one was I’m not a writer, I have done things but I didn’t know to compile them in a flow.

These two problems made me realise the necessity of The Bootcamp on my application.

How did you prepare for the interview?

I subscribed for the Bootcamp interview pack and it made a difference.

Initially I got overconfident and didn’t prepare for the interviews. It was the mock interviews which made me realise the need for preparation. Shahid from The Bootcamp took my interview and I literally cried after the interview, I was so unprepared.

The preparation you need to get through this interview is a good introspection. Also, The Bootcamp gave me 8 interviews so I kind of knew every single question that could have come through profile. I prepared the answer for every question.

Please describe your interview experience.

I had a very chilled out interview. The length was 57-58 minutes.

It was more a B-Plan pitch to me than an interview. Out of the 58 minutes, I was asked about my startups for like 45 minutes. They discussed the whole idea of YourShell too and they even liked it.

The questions other than startups were: Intro, Hobbies, Why ISB.

I would love to mention a question I was asked with the reply I gave.

Interviewer 1:  Sunny, you have such an amazing B-Plan and let us consider you create it in million dollar company, would you even then come to ISB?

Interviewer 2: Don’t worry even if you say, we won’t consider it, It is out of our own curiosity.

I took a 2 min break and just imagined everything and answered it with what came to my mind.(I wasn’t asked this question during the mocks)

Sir, see currently my value in the team is 33% but I hold only 25% stakes, but the kind of team I have I know 2 years down the line my value will be equal to my stakes. And I know they would be able to manage the business with Sunny over the phone. I know my absence will cause loss to my business but the loss would not be more than the profit it will earn when the ISB learnings would be applied to it.

They both looked so happy, one of them even said,’ Excellent answer’

How did you come to know about The Bootcamp and how did they make a difference to your GMAT Preparation, Application Drafting and Interview Preparation?

The credit for this goes to Dr. Kumar Anshul. I met him in a FB group and it was his posts which made me familiar to The Bootcamp.

I have mentioned The Bootcamp’s role in the previous questions. ‘If I were Arjun, The Bootcamp would be Drona’ I can’t say more.

What do you want to do post-MBA?

I will be either venturing out or would be taking a consulting role. It would depend. But at the end of the day my main goal is to build a venture which can create a difference.

Any tips for future applicants that might come handy?

I have always read this column, never thought I will get a chance to write it.

According to me preparations for ISB doesn’t starts with the application form, but it starts with the Day 1 of your life. The kind of extra-curricular they need, you will have to build them from Day 1.

Also before applying to it, first thoroughly ask yourself, “Do you seriously need it?” Because if you are not clear about yourself and your goals then you will definitely end up wasting your most precious year of your life.

Just be yourself.