Application Review & Story Building | The Bootcamp
October 10, 2016

Application Review & Story Building


Why it Matters?

As an applicant, it can get difficult to think objectively about how you have positioned your story through your essays, and to add to that, your near and dear ones often lack the parameters of proper judgment. So present a realistic picture of your application status, our panel of experts intends to polish your application and make it submission-ready.

What’s Included?

One round of discussion session by our experts:

  • Essay Review: Essay Edits, Connection with your background, Improvement Suggestions
  • Resume Review: Present the facts that matter to the Adcoms.
  • Detailed analysis on areas of enhancements

Who Should Use It?

A candidate who is unwilling to take up the expensive comprehensive package, who is confident about his/her writing skills and needs some guidance to craft out a story to present the best version of himself/herself.

When Should I Sign Up?

This can happen during Story Brainstorming session when you want some guidance to present your story in an impactful manner or after you have completed your essays.


INR 7000 / school (Pay Now)