From being rejected in the ISB interview to being admitted by ISB | The Bootcamp
July 21, 2017

From being rejected in the ISB interview to being admitted by ISB


A year before getting admitted into ISB, I had been rejected in the ISB interview. I was not angry or frustrated, disappointed though, because ISB was indeed a distant dream then. After the setback, I tried to sit down and assess what exactly had gone wrong. Was it the profile or the presentation of the profile that had backfired in the interview? Or was the entire method of drafting my application that had gone wrong?
These questions led me to finally understand one thing for sure, my application was good-looking with a 710. However, somewhere it lacked the crux of my own story! I guess it was made to answer just the essay questions and failed to convey my story as such. That is where I realized the value of connecting the dots between my past achievements, my present focus and my future goals. I met one of the consultants at The Bootcamp, who was in agreement with this fact. I then enrolled with them, hoping that this time I would sure shot secure the dream ISB admit.
I was first asked to fill up a preliminary evaluation form that included a lot of deep information about me, my work and my goals. This helped them assign me a mentor who actually was in sync with my work and goals. My mentor and I started off the process with a lot of brainstorming sessions, she trying to help me introspect into my profile, help me discover my highs and lows and also recognise my goals. This took some good time, but it was worth it for sure. We had come up with a basic storyline of mine, on top of which she suggested me a roadmap to take up a few relevant tasks that would add value to my current profile. I worked on these in parallel to my GMAT for over 3-4 months. She kept a close watch on the progress I was making and tweaked the methods accordingly.
Then just one-and-a-half month before the deadline, we started collating all the content we had – the discussions, the additional activities, my well-set goals etc. We again polished it into a stellar (i say stellar because the interviewers had appreicated my essays) application, with the portal content also filled smartly. There were a number of iterations on the essay drafts. There were essay reviews by the other ISB alumni and alot of feedback was incorporated into my application. And finally it was ready for submission.
I received the interview call and totally aced the 1 hour grill interview at ISB, where they dug 2-3 levels deeper on whatever I had written. I was on the top of my game, because this time my application was very well structured and justified. I was exhilarated after my interview as it went exactly how I had been trained by my interview mnetors at Bootcamp. All scenarios, tested and trained. My interview prep with fresh ISB admits gave me a lot of insights on different kinds of interviews possible – career based, diversity based, stress based, problem solving type, etc.
Thanks Bootcamp for re-instilling the confidence and vigor in me to make it big this time.