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May 24, 2017

GMAT: 640 to 710!

If you’re stuck in the 600s and are doing everything in your power but seeing no improvement, maybe all you need is some mentoring!


Read the story of one of the GMAT mentees who made a 70 point improvement in 30 days!


When I started my prep after enrolling with a popular coaching institute, I attended weekend classes and practiced the OG and material given. I took some mocks by the coaching institute and scored 720 or more. I scored a 640 on the actual GMAT. It was a mixed feeling. A lot of thoughts – what went wrong? Was I underprepared? What did I miss?


A list of reasons:


– The classes taught me just what I had known

– I wasted 8 hours every weekend in the classes, thereby got no time to self-prepare

– The material was just too limited and didn’t help me in the other mocks – Kaplan, MGMAT etc.

– I had no personalized attention to cater to my aptitude – classroom lessons were either substandard or advanced

– I never learnt the approach or strategy to GMAT as an exam

– Nobody helped me assess and strategize my mocks



Phew! With so many shortcomings, I was convinced that I had to put in additional effort at my end with someone who could mentor me with the prep. I then approached my senior (an ISB alum now), with some help for GMAT. He helped me with not just the right kind of study materials, but also with a roadmap to ace GMAT.

He started off with first asking me to take a mock to assess where I stood in my prep. I was at a 640. I realized that my Verbal was pretty weak with just a 28. I needed an 8-10 point increment to cross the magical 700 mark. I just had a month’s time for retaking my GMAT. I had decided to spend 5 hours a day, made a plan to improve my SC first. I wanted to gain an efficiency of at least 80%. My mentor gave me a lot of tailored materials starting off with MGMAT fundamentals, GMAT club tests and collated handouts. My efficiency improved and I was aware of all the concepts and their application. In parallel, I worked on my reading skills by doing extensive different-genre heavy reading. My appetite for reading lengthy passages had increased and I was able to do 5-6 RCs at a stretch. I started using mind mapping and flow diagram techniques to beat the CR questions, as advised by my mentor.


I then took 4 mocks before my final. My mentor made sure I took Veritas, Kaplan and MGMAT mocks, followed by GMAT prep. He helped me assess the wrongs and asked me to tweak my methods of approach. He also gave me a lot of generic advices – DOs and DON’Ts in the exam.


I was finally ready for The Day, went to the centre and came out with a 710. An improvement of 70 points in a month happened only with a focused preparation coupled with a brilliant guidance.


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