GMAT: Reorder your section! | The Bootcamp
June 16, 2017

GMAT: Reorder your section!

The GMAT has brought in a big change with the GMAC announcing that you will now be able to order your sections as you like. The Bootcamp does an analysis on how this change will impact test takers.

First off, we believe that over all difficulty of the exam will reduce simply because up until now, when a test taker reached the verbal section, it was already three hours into the exam and ready and comprehending  become even more troublesome with every passing minute.

Now you can choose to take the verbal section first, when you feel fresh and alert and keep the sections such as IR and AWA for the end.

We also believe that colleges will lay more focus on an applicant’s IR and AWA score because now test takers have the option of not caring about these sections at all. They can very easily rock quant and verbal and wing it in the other two.

Another impact would be that the average GMAT score will go up. The 700 mark will no longer be coveted. It will move up to 730 or so and that will be the new benchmark.

Now, every test taker is different and we have customized solution for each one of you out there.

  1. If you’re a nervous test taker:

We suggest you stick to the original order-AWA,IR,Q,V since a Q and V shuffle is not possible at the moment. You will calm down as the test progresses and will be able to deliver your best in Q and V.


  1. If you’re a confident test taker but lose focus and get exhausted with time:

Take the verbal first then Q and then IR and AWA. If you’re at your peak when you start, it’s best you start with the section that matters to you the most.


  1. If you’re a nervous test take but you calm down 20 minutes into the exam:

If you are nervous in the beginning but peak very quickly, take the quant first and then the verbal section. Quant needs focus and is very engaging so even nervous test takers do well. The same cannot be said about verbal. If you’re nervous, you might not get involved and going wrong is much easier. Also, if it’s your first time, starting with the most important section I.e. verbal may not be a smart move.


Whichever kind you are, we have a wonderful program which is customized to suit your needs. The GMAT mentorship adapts to suit your needs.