GMAT: Sentence Correction | The Bootcamp
May 28, 2017

GMAT: Sentence Correction

The Problem: SC is one of those sections for which you’ll need a routine for because there are so many rules to remember that unless you have a strategy for this section it will be impossible for you to score well on your VA. The

The Solution: The following steps form the perfect routine as they make the routine efficient and repeatable.

1) Read the stimulus: the stimulus is the part that has been underlined in the question. Once you’ve gone through the stimulus, ask a few questions to yourself like – does the underlined section sound in correct? If yes then what sounds right to me? You will have a basic idea of the errors. Avoid reading the options before you form this rough idea.

2) Use logic to form 3-2 splits: After you identify the errors, split the answer choices along the decision points. Sometimes the question can have only one decision point. However, most of the questions have two split points.

3) Use RAMP to isolate the correct answer: RAMP is a checklist suggested by the Manhattan series. It is the best way to ensure that you have covered all the concepts while answering the question. While working around the decision points make sure you evaluate all of them from the point of view of the concepts mentioned in RAMP



4) Replace the answer in the sentence and reread: Before moving to the next question, replace the answer in the sentence to make sure it’s correct.

Follow the above tips and you’re guaranteed to hit the perfect score!