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May 23, 2017

How to succeed as a young MBA applicant

If you’re in your early twenties and know for a fact that an MBA is the way to go, keep reading to understand how to write a winning application!

  1. Quality Vs Quantity:

Working at a small niche-consulting firm after college over the big name consulting company will prove to be a smart decision. In spite of a lower starting salary, in less than two years you will managing projects and staff, bringing in new business, and influencing the direction of the company.

B-school applications are all about experiences, brand names help but hollow work experience doesn’t. Widen your range of experiences in a short time span by working at a smaller firm and getting more exposure. Do more in the same time frame!

  1. Clear Goals and reasons to apply now:

Your reasons for applying should be affirmative not reactive. Reasons such as a poor economy or a small paycheck should never be mentioned. Your goals should be such that an MBA and an MBA now are absolute factors for success.

Your goals should drive your reason for applying now.

  1. Extraordinary Leadership :

The more impactful leadership your application shows the better. It shows initiative and maturity. Make it sound as though being a leader is inherent in you. Take up positions in college or at work that display these qualities.

  1. Exemplary achievements: Sep out of your comfort zone. Whether at work or college, go beyond what is expected of you. Extra-curricular activities are a big big plus!
  1. Nerds for the win:

ACADEMICS! One way to make up for low experience is to have an academic track record that cannot be beaten. From class X and XII to college GPA, your numbers should make jaws drop!



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