CAT Interview Prep Workout Part 1 | The Bootcamp
January 18, 2017

CAT Interview Prep Workout Part 1

A lot of things have been said about how to prepare yourself for the the judgement day, when all your achievements, milestones, highlights, knowledge are judged within a span of 45 minutes and you must put your best foot forward. We have a team of extremely talented interview specialists, some of whom have even served on the interview panel for various IIMs and with their help we have made the perfect workout routine for CAT aspirants to crack the final hurdle that Interview is.

Week 1: Chill out and make merry, celebrate your interview call, seek blessings from relatives, they will be proud and a tad bit jealous.

Pick up a new novel, preferably a little heavy on the language, my picks would be The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm, The Argumentative Indian, and Freakonomics.

Download the following apps on your phone and enable notifications.

  • Inshorts

  • Google Newstand

  • Economic Times App

  • Harvard Business Review

  • WSJ

  • The Hindu

  • Flipboard– Hobbies

Week 2

Day 1-7:

9 AM -11 AM: Start off your day at 9:00 AM with Coffee/Tea and have a healthy wholesome lot of almonds. Move to your morning news section. Start local with The Hindu, read all the highlights and make notes on anything related to Demonetization or the Upcoming Union budget.

Focus on National as well as local news sections; keep a lookout for International Headlines as well.

Move to Inshorts, explore the various headlines, follow economics and market topics and once you find something interesting read about it a little more on Newstand

It’s almost 11 AM now. Time to switch to Shadow Practicing your interview questions.

11 AM -1 PM: Read through your resume and submitted application, make a list of possible questions, or add anyone questions you missed the previous day. A good way to identify possible questions is to read interview debriefs online, just google you will find thousands of debriefs. The next step would be to note the questions that could be applicable to your profile in particular.

Rinse and Repeat every day and try to come up with convincing answers for each of the questions, get them vetted by someone who has already been through the process, The Bootcamp welcomes your queries.

Find Gyaani Friends to have lunch with.

1 -2 PM Bore your Gyaani Friends on trivia that you think can be helpful ask them to debate on current affairs topics with you. Buy them lunch to pay back for the torture.

2-5 PM Sleepy and bored, pick up some coffee, it’s time to Flipboard your Hobbies and Interests. Customize your newsfeed with the interests/hobbies you mentioned in your Application, read a couple articles on each of the interests every day.

5-6 PM Chillax and snacks. (Or swap this one with Lunch)

6-8 PM: Time to go international, start with Economic Times, make a note of all things common between the morning news and ET headlines. Move to Wall Street Journal and try to relate national happenings with the international market. Finally take some time to read Harvard Business Review featured articles.

8-12 PM: Read the novel you picked up, have dinner, go to sleep.

Watch this space for the Week 2-4 CAT Interview Workout.

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