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July 3, 2016

ISB Application Checklist

deadline checklist 1

1.) Start early (start straightaway)
The deadline is not too close yet, but once you realize the amount of hard work put in by potential admits, you would want to pull up your socks pretty quickly.  A typical potential admit starts his/her application preparation atleast  7-8 months back. He evaluates his profile, looks out for potential gaps in his resume and starts plugging those holes while there is still time.
Instead of fretting, register yourself at the ISB portal now. Look for the essay questions, profile related questions and other requirements straightaway and start planning your application.

2.) Register and give the GMAT/GRE
If you have not already done so, it is high time that you ready yourself to give your GMAT/GRE. You would be able to focus and plan better if you have an exam date in mind. 2-4 months preparation is ideal for GMAT/GRE. I would recommend you to schedule your GMAT/GRE if you have not done so.

3.) Introspect, speculate, self-analyse, and meditate
The easiest way to ace your essays and interviews is to convince the panel that you genuinely need a PGP/MBA degree right now. You might be very good but is it the right time for you to do an MBA. That is what the essay evaluators and the interviewing panel tries to explore. Of course, other parameters would include if you are the right fit for ISB. If you honestly know why you want to do an MBA right now, half of your battle is won. The next step is how to project it onto your essays and during interview.
The first thing you should do is reflect upon your past experiences (your academic/work/extra-curricular/personal achievements), reflect upon what you really want in future and come up with honest answers. It is very important to introspect and understand what you are, what you want to be and after that try and figure out how will ISB take you there.

4.) Prepare the initial draft for your essays
You should start working on the initial draft of your essays at the earliest. Even if you have not given your GMAT/GRE exam, do not wait for your exam date but start preparing your essays first. They are as important as your GMAT/GRE score, I would say probably more. So wisely invest your time and money for your essays as well.
Think of it as a start-up idea, the initial ideais usuallynever implemented in its original form. A successful start-up evolves that idea multiple times to turn it into something awesome. But you must start early to reach that level of awesomeness.

5.)   Get your essays evaluated by experts (and then get them evaluated again and repeat)
ISB application process is not a sprint but it is a marathon. You must be steady and strong throughout and keep yourself motivated. Next important step is to get your initial draft evaluated. You might think your initial essays are amazing but generally they are shit (mine were). So the obvious advice is getting them evaluated by your mentors/friends/colleagues. Typically the perfect evaluators would be ISB admits, for they have successfully completed this marathon.
And get these essays evaluated again, repeat the process again till the time your essays are absolute gems.

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