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July 17, 2016

ISB Insights with Usashi Banerjee


Usashi Banerjee, Consultant, KPMG Advisory, ISB, Co2015

Usashi Banerjee,
KPMG Advisory,

ISB, Co2015

The Bootcamp Team got to sit with Usashi Banerjee and share a part of her journey at Indian School of Business. We appreciate the fact that she took out some time out of busy schedule to share her experience.

How close are the people at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali? Does it stick to the “One School, Two Campus” tagline?
The tagline is very true to its essence as the school tries its level best to keep both the campuses in equal limelight. Also, all the speaker sessions to events are equally distributed in both the campuses and the students are free to participate in any of those. Regarding the closeness of the students of both the campuses, it depends on the individual more. There are a lot of opportunities for the students of both the campuses to mingle with each other.

How diverse was your class – in terms of work experience, domain, etc?
Diversity is one of the USP of ISB. You get to share classroom experience with people of varied experience which gives a holistic approach to the class discussions as each one from different background has a different perspective. Students from different sectors like armed forces, PSUs, energy, automotive, fashion, IT, healthcare, education, manufacturing etc. and different functional roles and varied experience in terms of years, ranging from 2 to 15 years and sometimes more adds to the overall experience. (For details refer to the placement profile)

How difficult or easy is the student life? Your room, food, amenities, study pressure?
Given that it is a 1 year program, 24 hours in a day is not enough to take care of the regular classes and assignments along with the string of club activities, case competitions, speaker sessions and other major events. Yes, it is very hectic. However, the amenities at ISB is no less than that of a 5 star accommodation. The ISB staff takes care of everything from housekeeping to food.

Which clubs have you been a part?
Net Impact Club, Manufacturing Club, Consulting Club

How was shift from a core sector to consultancy domain?
I have been working in L&T-Sargent & Lundy, a power plant consultancy involved in design of power plants for 2.5 years prior to joining ISB. My present job is that of consulting in infrastructure domain mainly where energy forms a very major part. The functional role is different in both the jobs though.

How helpful are the alums? How frequent are the interactions?
There are frequent alum sessions held and they are extremely approachable.

Your best moment at ISB?
Very difficult to pen one best moment in ISB. There are loads. To mention a few…. Bandhan (Net Impact Club), Equinox, and some of the crazy parties.

The one year in ISB is one of the best years of my life. I got to interact with the most amazing people and developed friendships for life. It one of the best experiences one could have.

Thanks a lot, Usashi.

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