ISB Women In Business | The Bootcamp
October 28, 2016

ISB Women In Business

In part three of the Insight into ISB clubs, The Bootcamp presents an interview with the Vice-President of Women in Business Club. Aneesha , an engineer from Mumbai, worked in consulting for a year and then launched an ecommerce website, which rose to success soon. Today, she’s here giving us some gyaan about life, and life at ISB.

Bootcamp: What is the Women in Business Club? What’s the process to become a member?

Aneesha: The agenda of the Women in Business Club is to help women transition smoothly from mid management to higher management roles. We bring in speakers and high achievers from the industry to share their stories and inspire women to scale greater heights. The President and Vice President of this club are elected by a vote. For the remaining core team roles, CVs and EOIs are reviewed and interviews are conducted. WIB and Net Impact are professional networks; they are not professional clubs, so anybody can join them. Men are also allowed to be a part of the club. 290 people are part of WIB club, 60% men and 40% women.

Bootcamp: What kind of roles and opportunities are offered to women by companies?

Aneesha: Certain companies have diversity programs under which roles are reserved for women. Axis bank takes around 20-25 women under this program. Axis considers work ex and the 1 year spent at ISB. At IIMs- they take at Management Trainee level, for ISB they hire directly into a mid-management level (in a vertical) skipping the one year training. Depending on your background work ex, you can join the relevant vertical. It depends on how your interview goes. Companies come with a wide range of profiles offered and work ex bracket (2 yrs to 7 yrs). Aditya Birla Group – till 4 years – LEAP, 4+ years LEAD. None of the other companies have spots reserved for women.

Bootcamp: What about the Experiential Learning Program?

Aneesha: ELP happens in term 2. There are 24 companies that offer projects. Selections are based on CVs and EOIs. Each group for ELP has 5-6 members and they have to put in their bids for ELP Program. Based on the bids and candidates’ background, shortlisting happens.

Bootcamp: How has life at ISB been so far? Any tips to future students?

Aneesha: A lot of stuff is happening on campus all the time. You choose what you want to do. Everyone here is very competitive and motivated. The average score is pretty high in ISB – around 86/100, so scoring well on exams is necessary. Learning also happens peer to peer. A lot of interaction happens over study groups. First 4 terms – same study groups. After that, in electives you can choose your study groups. There are people who want to focus only on grades and there are people who want to do a lot of other things – sports, clubs, and case competitions. It’s easy to lie back and sit but it is very important to push yourself out of your limits and pursue your interests for a year, to make the most of it. You have to make time for things.