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July 25, 2016


Irene Yeonsun Choi MBA Candidate Class of 2017 Columbia Business School

Irene Yeonsun Choi
MBA Candidate
Class of 2017
Columbia Business School

“I had a mock interview with Dhiraj after I got an interview invitation from Columbia Business School. 

With a reference of my resume, he not only gave me a feedback on my answers but we also did a brainstorming together on questions I was struggling with.

It was really helpful to discuss together and learn from his perspective about different things that I needed to take into account and highlight from my profile. It also helped me to prepare for other schools in general.

After the interview, he sent me a summary of takeaways from my mock interview, which was well summarized so I could refer to afterwards and focus on the right things.

I am so grateful for Dhiraj for all of the effort and support.”



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Kamran Khan
MBA Candidate
Class of 2017
Rotman School of Management

I wrote my GMAT exam on 29th October 2014 – quite late if you want to target the round 1 applications. After getting a decent score, I thought that the most difficult part was taken care of. Little did I know that writing the GMAT exam was the most easiest part of my MBA application. What lied ahead was very complicated and to go through it without a helping hand was, for me at least, impossible.

I got in touch with Dhiraj purely randomly. From then on, he guided me through everything. The first thing that we did together was to tear-up my list of target schools and create a new one. We drew up a list and then focused on the application deadlines. Some schools we targeted early, some later, and our list had a good mix of “stretch”, “reach” and “safe” schools.
In parallel, Dhiraj went through my profile and asked several questions to understand me as a person. He wanted to know the real reasons of me going for an MBA, my goals and expectations – both professional as well as personal. All this information was very helpful in writing my application essays.
Essays for me were the most challenging part. When I started writing my essays, I wasn’t sure how to structure them. There were several draft versions which Dhiraj reviewed and then provided his inputs. The essays went back and forth a lot before we finalized them.
We put in my applications as the deadlines approached and now we only had to wait for interview invitations. Rotman was the first school to invite me for an interview and there were a few others later on. For the interview Dhiraj conducted a mock interview to get me up to speed and some pep talk to boost my morale. The next morning after my interview, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the admit email. Now, I have to tell you that initially I wasn’t planning to apply for Rotman as I thought it was beyond me. But Dhiraj encouraged me to go for it and then made it possible. 

I got two admits as well, but Rotman was the best of the lot, so it was an easy decision. So all in all, I am at Rotman and the entire credit goes to Dhiraj. I cannot thank him enough for that!


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