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June 10, 2016

5 Reasons to choose “The Bootcamp” for your journey to the Indian School of Business

Amidst a plethora of admission consultancies for ISB, here has come another. It looks good, it looks promising but should I choose it? Will it be worth my bucks? And how is it different from others? And more importantly, how is it going to make a difference to my candidacy for ISB.

We are sure you might be boggled by these questions. So we decided to simplify it for you. The 5 points mentioned below  will tell you why you should choose The Bootcamp and how we, as a team, are here to create a difference.

1. We know how it goes as we have been through the grind just a while ago.

One salient feature of The Bootcamp which sets it apart from other admission consultancies for ISB is the fact that we are a group of 15 RECENT ISB Admits. Everyone in our team has taken the GMAT and has gone through the rigorous process of application drafting and Interview Preparation just a few months ago, which makes us well acquainted with each and every subtle step that need to be taken if one wants ISB to open its doors.

2. The Diversity we proudly boast of!

If you will look at our team, you will find mentors from every field- From Engineering and healthcare to humanities. We are a team of diverse professionals and are around to help you as per your need, background and future aspirations.

3. We are amazing, but we are affordable too!

Not to forget, we charge less (at least 30–40% lower than most consultancies), especially for YLP applicants (as they are in college and are not earning at the said time). We sincerely feel that the fee charged by other ISB Consultancies is exorbitant and one need not burn a hole in his/her pocket to get expert guidance.

4. One-to-one mentorship- Whenever you want

We have received a huge response right from the beginning and we are enthusiastically helping ISB aspirants prepare for GMAT (One-To-One Mentoring) and draft applications. Have any questions? Schedule an appointment and a mentor will call you and you can talk for hours if you so wish/need (constricting the domain of our banter to GMAT and ISB but of course *wink*).

5. GMAT/GRE Mentorship is included!

Yes, you heard it correct! We provide GMAT/GRE Mentorship free with our Advanced Application Consultancy. A mentor will be assigned to you and he/she will guide you through each ebb and flow while you prepare for the exam. After all, you cannot apply to ISB without a GMAT/GRE score, can you?
You can still sit back and give us a second thought but please note that the time is running out for R1 applications for ISB. So do not delay, log on to www.thebootcamp.biz and take the first step towards the dream that is ISB. If you still have doubts, please write to us at queries@thebootcamp.biz


The Bootcamp is a group of 15 recent ISB admits who are here to prepare you for applying to ISB from the scratch. From GMAT preparation and brainstorming sessions to draft the application essays to prepare you for the interview- we cover it all for you. Log on to www.thebootcamp.biz and kickstart your journey to The Indian School of Business now! You can write to us at queries@thebootcamp.biz