YLP Interview Debrief | The Bootcamp
October 14, 2016

YLP Interview Debrief

Location: Mohali

Before the interview, we were asked to write a 50-100 words essay on a random word. The word I got was ‘Pink’.

Interview panel: 2 members- P1 and P2

P1: Hi! Could you talk about yourself for 2 minutes?

Me: Had prepared this answer in advance. Elaborated on it a bit and spoke for around 2 min.

(Somewhere in between I had stated that I’m an avid animal lover and a staunch feminist).

P1: Why are you so vocal about being a feminist?

Me: Sir I didn’t particularly highlight that bit and was generally describing myself. Just as a said I’m an animal lover, I stated that I’m a feminist too. Simple equality that I believe in. Besides, it’s very important according to me. Even if you consider the business sector, the no of women at the top is very low compared to men..

P1: Why would you say that? Women are leading SBI, ICICI, Pepsico etc. and these are amongst the best banks and co’s in the world.

Me: They are definitely leading these companies and doing great but the no of women at the top still remains extremely low and that is one reason why we remember and quote these same names a lot of times. Also, statements coming from people like Indira Nooyi stating that “Women can’t have it all” are very disturbing and make us question the system. Talked a little about how this statement had sparked off a debate a few months back.

P2: I see no link. You’re doing Maths hon. Why do you want to take up management? You’ll tend to focus on numbers and statistics while business is more related to psychology.

Me: Told them how I always took up things I was interested and passionate about. Loved maths and wanted to study more of it after 12th but was clear that I didn’t want to take up pure sciences later. Then brought in a few experiences I had had as the team leader of a college society and how ive dealt with people. How i feel that management is what attracts me the most now etc.

P1: (In my application I had highlighted that I wanted to take up social entrepreneurship in the long run).

Tell me two social problems in India and how you think you can solve them?

Me: Sir I believe that education is one sector which needs to be improved and the poor quality of education is a rampant problem. We might not put it in black and white and state it as the biggest social problem, but according to me it’s very important that we provide the same quality of education to everyone irrespective of their economic background. If the state is not providing the same resources and quality of education to everyone then at the time of granting a job how can it demand or expect the same performance, communication skills etc? For the solution I suggested no demarcation between public and pvt schools. Secondly, better healthcare is required .Gave a similar answer and elaborated.

Was followed by long discussions on US education system, why public healthcare is bad in India,EWS scheme introduced,BYJU’s app etc.

P2: Tell me one country which provides better healthcare and does not necessarily differentiate between public and private hospitals

Me: Said that I realize how this calls into question the state’s governance and that I’m pro democracy and not communism, but still believe that china is doing a good job in healthcare.

P2: Tell me 3 solutions to these problems and in the sectors you’ve stated and how an MBA would help you here.

Me: First, no demarcation between public and pvt schools like I said. For healthcare, social innovations that can reduce the no of people falling sick and going to hospitals at the first place. Talked about healthcare related innovations by one of my favourite social entrepreneurs and how I believe there was good research already being conducted but an MBA would help me come up with some business model and teach me good implementation for the same. Couldn’t really come up with a third and even forgot to link my why MBA answer here perfectly.

P2: You’ve stated in your application that you’re leading a team of 45 members in college. How often do you meet them and how many names do you remember.

Me: Team meetings every Wednesday. Newly reruited team, hasn’t been more than a month. 30+names

P2: Why are manhole covers round?

Me: What the hell. Gave some stupid answer and then he explained why.

P1: Do you have any questions for us?

I asked a few, thanked them and left.


Due to candidate’s request and privacy, we are not disclosing the candidate name at this point of time.